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JREN67HR7ZFixed an incorrect invocation of setlocale() in iSeries specific LotusScript code.a
RWAH6HPQ8BThis iSeries specific fix allows daylight savings time and standard time changes without recycling the Domino server.
DBLK6HDLYJThe Domino server can not be started or stopped because it was created with a dash or hyphen ('-') in the name. No message was displayed, only the...
DBLK6HDLYJThe Domino server can not be started or stopped because it was created with a dash or hyphen ('-') in the name. No message was displayed, only the...
LHZO6PN5JTAdded WriteHtmlArgument to File Group for OS/400.
GMGM6H5BJ5The files WRKDOMCSL and DSPDOMCSL have changed their behavior. Prior to this change, those two commands were going to read an IFS file. A new...
MXDG6FJJXBThis is an iSeries specific problem that results from a boundary alignment issue. The root cause of the problem actually occurs when the dictionary...
DPOS6QQKDGFixed a server crash on iSeries which occurred after enabling the 3 following Notes.ini variables and sending a message containing a WINMAIL.DAT...
LHQI6HJEKRIf a Domino server's Collate parameter includes '-' when using command CHGDOMSVR, it must be filled with capitalization. e.g. DA-DK-AA, E2-ES,...
LXUU6BN47DFixed an error with command CFGDOMSVR/CNTRYID. The issue occurred when the client inputted an invalid CNTRYID and no error message was...
YFYF6J9CW3There are some enabled options that can be changed when the Domino server is started from the green screen, and the Domino plug-in stopped the server...
MZHO6JC3HVThere was a problem when trying to launch WebAdmin.nsf from the WebNav, because it didn't find a correct HTTP port. This is only for WebNav...
YBYB6J8EMEFixed a problem where only the ID files from a first Domino server could be saved, and the ID files of additional Domino servers were ignored(no...
YFYF6JC4EJWhen a user is using a Notes.ini file from green screen, any other user can not see or work with it from iSeries Navigator, and no message about what...
YBYB6DEAPUFixed an issue with the command CFGDOMSVR RPLCFG(*YES). The issue occurred when the command was used into an existing directory, and there is a mail...


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